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Ask everyone and he will answer that Viagra is a medication used for causing erection while in fact this statement is not quite correct. Before you buy Viagra Australia online pills you must be aware what medication you will get and how exactly it will help you to overcome erectile dysfunction. Viagra despite the common delusion is not an aphrodisiac and works more like a PDE5 inhibitor increased the releases of certain hormones triggering erection only after prior sexual stimulation.

Do Viagra pills work for everyone?

It is a myth that some medical conditions may prevent you from using Viagra completely. Viagra has been tested via multiple med labs and trials and has shown outstanding results for 90 percents of all males being involved into these experiments. Comparing to other medication used for curing erectile dysfunction Viagra is still considered as the most effective. Even doctor recommend to buy Viagra Australia online as the safest ED drug.



Is it safe to use Viagra regularly?

The answer is yes, but not for everyone. Some patients with certain heart failures should take a half of the average dose of Viagra – which means no more than 25 mg per every 48 hours and only from time to time. The others who are younger than 75 years old and do not have any heart. Liver or kidney problems can take Viagra pills every day, sticking to such limit – 50 mg per every 24 hours. In such way you will be able to control your erections and have a spontaneous sexual intercourse whenever you wish. Choose what strength will fit your lifestyle and only then  pills.

Should be Viagra used only by males with long-lasting erectile dysfunction?

Surely, no. Even if you have a temporary problem when there is a weak erection.  You can even buy Viagra Australia online pills if you don’t have any problems with erection – just to prolong the performance during sex and impress your partner. Even if you have a good sex life, magic Viagra pills can make it even better.

Explain, please, how does Viagra work in a body?

This is a vital question for all beginners like to ask since the mechanism of work of a completely synthetic medication is an interesting issue to learn. Like any drug Viagra helps to stimulate natural process of a body by means of certain chemical influence on the sex hormones release. A male penis is basically a tube that gets erection being full of blood. Viagra stimulated blood flow to genitalia and maintains such conditions to keep erection as long as possible.

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